Sunday, 28 November 2010

Tiffany & Co.

Not surprisingly, I am often accused of not being particularly feminine in my priorities and interests. However, every so often something comes along and reminds me exactly why every woman in the first world will mentally turn into their very own version of Audrey Hepburn and feel compelled to promise forever to any man that presents them with that petite, egg-shell blue box that symbolises all things lovingly luxurious, but superbly subtle.

Tiffany & Co have been creating beautiful jewellery and gifts since 1837. They pride themselves of being classy and traditional, but always aspire to design innovative pieces and promote new designers. They define themselves as groundbreaking and glamorous. For me this is an exquisite product design in an area that many people overlook when considering 'good design'.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Vintage Breakfast

I am often impressed by new, unique and kitsch homeware products. The idea that design is in ever tiny part of our day really inspires me. However I sometimes think that I overlook the things I use everyday mealtime, everytime I make a cup of tea and everytime I boil an egg. We often design and buy 'vintage inspired' or 'retro' pieces of homeware (particularly kitchenware), but what about the genuine articles?

When I moved away from home to live at uni my Gran went into overdrive. Plates, side plates, saucers, mugs, glasses, pans, cutlery and even a teapot and an egg-cup. This is a woman to be admired. She is the queen of the auction room and the car boot expert. Therefore, I have an interest collection of vintage kitchenware. These are two of my favourites. The Sandringham egg-cup and the 'Fresh Milk' mug. No-one else I know has them, and they brighten up my day.