Friday, 12 November 2010

Vintage Breakfast

I am often impressed by new, unique and kitsch homeware products. The idea that design is in ever tiny part of our day really inspires me. However I sometimes think that I overlook the things I use everyday mealtime, everytime I make a cup of tea and everytime I boil an egg. We often design and buy 'vintage inspired' or 'retro' pieces of homeware (particularly kitchenware), but what about the genuine articles?

When I moved away from home to live at uni my Gran went into overdrive. Plates, side plates, saucers, mugs, glasses, pans, cutlery and even a teapot and an egg-cup. This is a woman to be admired. She is the queen of the auction room and the car boot expert. Therefore, I have an interest collection of vintage kitchenware. These are two of my favourites. The Sandringham egg-cup and the 'Fresh Milk' mug. No-one else I know has them, and they brighten up my day.

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