Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Lamp Love

If there is one weakness in my shopping habits (and I think there are several flaws in my technique) it is the need to repeat purchase lamp after lamp only interrupted by the odd lamp-shade and lightbulb. I could criticise myself for this need to buy every lamp in the consumer market right now, but when I consider the choices and joy of novelty designs and eye-catching patterns and colour matching everything with my bedroom, kitchen and (quite possibly at some point) my underwear I just can't help myself!

However sad this may be, I now have a large selection of lamps in every colour, pattern, style, base and shade design. I love being able to find a different style and bulb type for whatever kind of lighting and atmosphere I would like in particular spaces.

Furthermore, with the current popularity of eco-friendly, environmentally conscious and sustainably sourced materials and products there is an interesting range of lamps and shades manufactured using recycled and re-used materials and utilising used products for various parts of the lamps. These can be both striking and aesthetically pleasing and are often used as a focal point in a room, restaurant, shop or even an exhibition.

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