Friday, 1 October 2010

Anonymous Design

'Many product designers that we take for granted in our daily lives have evolved anonymously over decades or even centuries, through a process of natural selection that is driven by practical need rather than aesthetic concern.'- 'Design Handbook' by Charlotte and Peter Fiell.

I feel this statement really sums up the way that there are people who maybe only ten people in a billion were even aware of at the time influenced the 'tools' and products we use in daily home, office and luxury life today. So this post is to recognise all the designers who are left unrecognised for their life altering products.

One of the most famous and commonly used examples of anonymous designs (particularly in England) is the 'Brown Betty' teapot which was manufactured brown so that it does not get stained by tea; no other teapot can boast this as an original feature.

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