Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Bauhaus

As my biggest design influence, the Bauhaus design school and its related work has affected many aspects of how I view products and how I design. Furthermore, as a BSc Product Design student in the 'School of Architecture, Design and The Built Environment' at Nottingham Trent University seeing how other generation were taught art and design is interesting and eye-opening.

To ignore the influences of this design movement is almost impossible for any product designer, photographer, artist, sculptor, industrial designer, architect or graphic designer.

Most importantly, for me personally, are the design ethics and principles of the Bauhaus:

'Form follows function.'

'Design should be accessible by the masses.'

These principles are refelected in my own designs.

Marianne Brandt is one of my favourite female designers. Here is an ashtray she design whilst at the Bauhaus in 1924. It was designed to be manufactured in both cheaper and more luxurious materials so that, in monetary terms, it was available to the masses of Germany.

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