Sunday, 20 June 2010

Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston is recognised as a key designer of fabrics, clothes, bags and accessories. But in a modern economic climate and gadget obssessed society, expanding her products from purely textile to gadget and electronics accessories was an intelligent business decision.

She has now created a range of iPhone and iPod Touch hard cases, as well as cases and 'pockets' for other popular items such as Blackberry's and Nintendo DSi consoles. This explosion of new products from Cath Kidston is a good way for her infilitrate the electronics and gadget market without straying from her decorative and textile roots too far.

In a business sense, diversifying the range of products that she produces increases the recognisability of her products as the brand identity is in the patterns and (usually floral) designs she sells. Therefore, not only is she expanding the areas of the market that she reaches out to, ut she is also increasing cnsumer awareness of her brand.

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