Thursday, 17 June 2010

Happy Pills

When reading through the Design Milk website, which features many articles on new and old designers and fresh design around the globe, I discovered an article from 2007 about a new design group called 'Studio M' who's first major project had been a sweet shop in Barcelona called 'Happy Pills' The concept of the shop and branding is slightly risky in relation to political correctness and sensitivity in some critics eyes, however I love it and really enjoy how kitsch and quirky the designer's take on society and the realtionships between food and happiness and medication .

Firstly, the designers clearly recognise that we, as humans (often particularly females) relate sweet foods and indulgence to happiness. Therefore they are mocking our seeimg need to medicate 'unhappiness' with (what many people refer to as happy pills) anti-depressants when we often claim to gain uplifted spirits and happiness from food and drink. Also, this example of post-modern irony has been frowned upon by some critics, I however find the idea and innovative concept very interesting and aesthetically eye-catching. If this aspect of the branding is not going to draw consumers in, I can't think what would.

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