Thursday, 17 June 2010

'Watch3' by Steven Götz

Götz latest design, the 'Watch3' is a limited edition product and only one hundred have been manufactured for sale. Although the price and target market is for those who luxurious and frivolous are marketed to, this watch has been designed to improve the readability of the face. Therefore, the hours are printed on the underside of the crystal in white and are only visible when the black hour hand passes under them. To add readability in the dark, the entire white surface of the dial is covered in Luminova, a non-radioactive, nontoxic, phosphorescent paint based on the luminescence of deepsea fish allowing it to glow in the dark, whilst still being 'eco-friendly'.

Aesthetically, the design of this watch is perfect for me as I love the black and white colour scheme and contrast of materials and colours often features in my own work. However, I tend not to be able to purchase items of this value! Alternatively, the main focus of this, for me, is the way that Götz has cleverly, but very simply, improved the ease and accuracy with which the user can read the time. Only having one of the twelve numbers visible is an innovative idea that I have never seen in a watch with an analogue face before, and as well as being fully functional and useful, I feel it also adds to the originality of the aesthetics of the product.

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